Tuesday, December 29, 2009

good gord.,..

my brother has made it 29 times around the sun.


He turns 29 today.

In a week or so,I'll be celebrating my birthday as well.

where does the time go?

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Past and Present(s)

So in previous years,I would get a nice bunch of stuff..

This year I wanted some socks and my brother and I are sharing a new home theater receiver.My dad got me a XBox 360 wireless racing wheel.."anything to get him away from those shooting games" he says

Next month I need to pickup a A/V switch for my sister's soundbar setup that my brother and I got her and her husband. Gotta return a optical cable that I bought that I didn't need to buy(would have been nice if products would put on the box *INCLUDES 1 cable for hookup to *insert electronic device here*

Have a Happy New Year.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Happy ________
Merry ________

and a good ______ to ______ from ______

sorry..due to some politically correct fudge packers..you aren't supposed to say things like m***y ch**st*** and stuff..

Monday, December 7, 2009

Never Forget

December 7th, 1941.

President Roosevelt say "A day which will live in infamy"

Thursday, October 29, 2009

i almost forgot about this site....


I do all my updates on Facebook.


if you are there,send me a friend request.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wasn't Columbus that guy who helped kill off the Native Americans?

How is it that there is a Federal Holiday(yet the schools and colleges are still open?) for a guy who discovered something (and a race) that was already there? The native americans "discovered" that their border patrol and immigration policy wasn't that effective. ;)

I'm writing this because I'm pissed that the post office is closed,that today is the day to honor Columbus for "discovering" America..when it's been there(here) for a lot longer.

I'm Native American and I approve this message

Tuesday, September 15, 2009



Sunday, September 6, 2009

definitely one series I would buy


Nicole Parker and Crista Flanagan are friggin hilarious.

Friday, September 4, 2009

1 week and 8 years.

If you don't know..then I feel sad for you.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

funny people

It was a ok movie. I kind of expected it to be more drama than comedy because of the overall tone.
The trailer made it seem to be more than what you got..infact my sister and I both pointed out the lack of the "Australian" bit that was shown in the trailer..

Saturday, August 8, 2009

with my heart in your hands


Wednesday, August 5, 2009


not much going on.
Bought some stuff,worked some..
nothing computer related..
Bought 2nd season of Burn Notice..love that show.

gonna go do stuff...see you later

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I've figured it out...

Lady Gaga is trying to be an amalgamation of Kylie Minogue, Christina Agriculture, Gwen Stefani, and Britney Spears (possibly)..however despite her good singing voice..(there's a clip on YT somewhere of her singing using only a piano and it's good..) she comes off like a complete slut..

Most "celebrities" can be "forgiven" for the odd shot of vajayjay because to some they are everything that person wants to be..the fame,the money,etc. because they are human..they are prone to falling flat on their face or ass just like everyone else.

However Gaga is (in my opinion) going about it all wrong.
Being a frequent vistior of roflrazzi.com,icanhascheesburger.com,ihasahotdog.com and having visitied gofugyourself..I've come to the conclusion that Gaga doesn't have a clue or is just doing it for the camera..eventually people are going to become desensistized to seeing Gaga with no top on or not wearing anything covering her legs besides underwear..

Think about it..if she were anyone else...she would have been ticketed and possibly sent to the funny farm..

After hearing both Katy Perry(before she kissed a girl) and her album "One Of The Boys" and then hearing Gaga's The Fame...I like Katy Perry better..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


still alive..

just replaced a DC power plug in a emachines N-10.
Had to take the WHOLE laptop apart..down to the motherboard.

Waiting for a new refurbed laptop because my niece spilled soup on my dell mini 12..and I had just purchased a replacement keyboard for it and installed it not more than a week before..

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy birthday America

been busy the past couple of days.

America is 233 years young.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

booyah? over euro football?

well yah..


and not just Spain..no we're talking #1 RANKED IN THE WORLD SPAIN...so..

Friday, June 19, 2009


not much going on.

lots of daylight..especially since it's just about Solstice.

helped mom plant some tomatos in the greenhouse..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Great movie..

Ever since Guy Ritchie left that old hag..

Well he made RockNRolla

if you have seen his previous 2 british movies..Lock,Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels, and Snatch(Brad Pitt as a Pikey fighter among others)
then you get the gist of what RnR is like..but it's really good and funny.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Heartfelt Thanks

Thanks to everyone..Friday was tough.

Arthur went down to the beach and even went in the surf.

At the vet's office...he didn't suffer anymore. His transition was quick..
Although I didn't want him to leave,he had to..he was suffering too much.

It seems more and more that there are more cases of cancer and cancer-related deaths.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Arthur's going home..

Friday,June 5th is his final sunrise on Earth.

A trip to the beach,maybe some pictures and then to the vet's office.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

life update...

Arthur has gone slightly downhill,but he's still happy..he eats,drinks and loves being petted..despite the fact that he has lost some vision.
When the vet checked for canine osteosarcoma,he opened Arthur's mouth and he was able to open it pretty wide before he started to whine..that being a good sign.

Ordered and received some bluetooth wireless headphones,they sound pretty good.

Maybe going down to Homer,Alaska with Arthur..

Not much else..

Friday, May 29, 2009

Words that stop your world.

While at the vet's office with my Black Labrador Retriever:

1-3 months

I knew it was coming..the way he's been acting lately..but still it doesn't help it any.
Arthur has been with me about half my life (he'll be 13 in August..though I doubt he'll live to see his birthday)

Couldn't ask for a kinder,gentler dog in the world.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New book idea in my head..

based on the Terminator universe...which means I should probably go check out the new one at the theater.

Friday im planning on going and seeing UP..that looks hila...SQUIRREL!!


So with regards to the new book idea..
It's not quite "Judgement Day" but it's roughly right around the corner.
Airforce SF team aka AFSOC..deployed in Alaska for T&E of the new Anti-Material Rifle-Prototype XCR-149 along with a small group of gun company designers,techs and assorted personnel

Development of a new weapon for safe(r) removal/disposal of the ever omnipresent IEDs in Iraq.
Weapon fires prototype hybrid ammo. Semi-caseless design.
Most common round is 10MM caseless DU round..secondary selection is a 10mm caseless AP with prototype penetrator.
Weapon is capable of heavier rounds and was designed to support up to 20mm AP. Muzzle brake is required for any rounds greater than 12.7x99mm (.50Cal)
Weapon function is straight pull bolt style.

What it looks like in my head is just about perfect representation of the NERF CS-6 Longshot.
Collapsible stock,removable optic,carry handle, mag storage in the shoulder stock,straight pull bolt action(semi auto being too complicated and comprimises weapon reliability due to caseless rounds and different calibers being abled to be utilized)

Calibers available
20mm AT

Projectiles are loaded with the hybrid caseless mag. When bolt is pushed forward,caseless segemented rounds are pushed forward into the breach.
Mags come preloaded from the factory,different bullet weights/grains are available and are chosen during the mission briefing.
Recoil is mild up to 12.7mm rounds.Muzzle end is setup for either a protective ring,muzzle break or sound suppressor (sound suppression is only available up to .50Cal)
Muzzle extenstion is available,increasing range up to 1.5 miles,enviromental factors notwithstanding.

HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!

just downloaded and watched the teaser trailer for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and it looks

Sunday, May 24, 2009

man..this rebellion leaves them "dead" tired

so the leader of the Tamil Tigers has died..

Indefinite detention constitues torture?

So there are Humans Rights Groups that say "indefinite detention constitutes torture"
Let's free all the death row inmates then..if they are to be believed in the above statement.

By all means then..let's find Charles Manson a job at Wal*Mart...

Here's a list of those imprisoned at San Quentin..

So why don't we just open the doors on SQ..and find them jobs..maybe some could work at a daycare facility..or 7-11..wait sorry..all the jobs at 7-11 were taken by the pakistanis..

previous post

was written by me,but given to me by my dad. He wants people to know about Gitmo and it's prisoners.

Regarding Gitmo and it's inmates

People seem to forget that Guantánamo Bay is a Prisoner of War camp. The war was started by the muslim people, so Gitmo is kept open because they refuse to surrender. Everybody knows that
detainees in POW camps are released at the end of the war or conflict. So the muslim people are responsible for keeping Gitmo open.

Posted by Avery Hawbold of Alaska,which is the 49th State of the United States of America.

Monday, May 18, 2009


so it gets "dark" about...10PM or so and it's getting light about 5AM the next day.

eventually around the 20th of June it'll never get too dark.

fun times.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I have it..

Americans have really easy access to firearms..so the whole Zombie/Zed isn't a problem because there's always someone with a gun around.

Whereas in Auz you have to have permits and you are only allowed certain kinds of firearms correct? in other words owning an "assault" rifle is verboten right?

In America..not so much.

/nelson laugh

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

oooh shiny...

so my mom made out like a bandit last Sunday at my sister's house for Mother's Day.

My dad bought her a new sewing machine (granted it's a miniature Singer that's battery operated..in other words a "toy" sewing machine..technically it's "new" though..that fact can't be argued ;)

My sister got my mom some M-A-C makeup brushes..MAC brushes are high quality stuff..my mom says they are the Oakleys of the makeup world. I still don't get it. How can makeup protect your eyes from UVA/B/C radiation? ;)

Finally my brother and I chipped in together and got her a 8GB iPod Touch.

My sister cooked a wonder roast for dinner and my mom made Strawberry shortcake using strawberries,angel food cake and some light whipped topping.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Star Trek at the movie theater.

Just so good that you have to go see it.
I'd like to see it again,but I got to save my money for Terminator:Salvation.

Characters were good..1 of them could have been done differently.

Some loopholes were closed that the original series,and the movies have.

Funny stuff too.

Sad that Majel Roddenberry could not have been the computer voice..

Coming from a lifelong trekkie..it's a must-see.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One of the best movies...

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Saw it in the theater..absolutely LOVE it.

Monday, May 4, 2009

tail end of the flu?

so my mom says since the phlegm I've been coughing up is mostly yellow..im just about over being sick.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pickup you would want if the zombies(zeds for you aus types) attack..


Ford F-650s..because neither Dodge nor Chebby make a big enough pickup.

Zombies/Zeds would be like speedbumps..
same applies to Priuses,subarus,hyundais,toyotas,volkswagens..

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rest in Peace

10 years ago,Monday April 20th 1999

Two gunmen shot up Columbine High School in Colorado.

12 students and 1 teacher died.

The shooters committed suicide about an hour later.


Here's the thing.

I grew up with guns and a love of the military(grandfather was a WWII vet,father was in ROTC,uncle was in the Army,cousin was in the Navy) and I've played more than my fair share of violent/bloody video games..but despite that..I've never thought of shooting up a school or a public place.
After reading the wikipedia article on Columbine Shooting..I arrive at a couple of conclusions..

1.Why didn't the cops go in the building sooner? Same with the SWAT team.
As I recall..they showed on TV..SWAT cops standing around while the shooting was going on..Apparently they didn't want to save lives?? I mean isn't that WHY they wear the heavier body armor,have the assault rifles and shotguns that the patrol officers don't? Not to mention the expensive training?

I'm an ordinary citizen (don't even have a pistol..only a few rifles and those are WW2 era) and I would have ran in to try and save lives..

I just don't get the mentality of the shooters and the responders..

Friday, April 17, 2009

GD Survey thing

1. If you were famous what would you be famous for? Builder of custom computers
2. If you had a chance to meet one person from history who would it be and why?
George W. Bush..tell him thank you for fighting the fight and staying the course..not wimping out and pulling out before the job is done in Iraq..granted it's not a easy short road ahead..I don't even think Iraq will settle down when BHO is finished in his term as President..
3. Where would you go for your ideal vacation? Home..as in nowhere.
4. Tea or Coffee? Coffee..always. Folgers first then other brands/types.
5. What was the last book you read? Jarhead
6. Could you live without a microwave? Nope
7. Do you have a pet? If so what kind? yes,Black Lab
8. Do you like coconut? Indeed..infact you put the lime in the coconut.
9. What is the strangest thing you have ate? peanut butter and cloves (stupid sister)
10. Have you travelled outside of your own country? Yes I have
11. What is your favorite flavour of gum? Trident Xtra Care Cool Min
12. How about your favorite ice cream flavour? Caramel Caribou currently
13. Do you think duct tape is a gift from the gods? Nope
14. Have you watched Bleach? If so do you like it? Nope
15. Do you watch Youtube? Indeed
16. Day or night person? Night..always
17. What is your favorite pizza topping? Toss up between Canadian Bacon (oink eh?) with pineapple and Pepperoni and Green Pepper
18. Ever ride a horse? Yup
19. How about visit the ocean? I only live about 3 miles from it..so yes I have
20. Do you like sudoku squares? nope..never tried it

Thursday, April 16, 2009

not doing much

went to town..ac adapter still has not arrived for my mom's e-machines laptop.

I still have to buy a motherboard for the Toshiba that my sister gave me..that probably will happen later.

Been working on completing 1000/1000 on various video games..currently the only xbox game that I have over 1000 is GRAW2.

Other games that I have to complete 100%
Gears of War 2 Co-Op and Hard Difficulty
Original Gears of War Hard Difficulty
Call of Duty World At War
Forza Motorsport 2
Medal of Honor:Airborne hard difficulty
Halo 3 Legendary difficulty and some missing skulls and maybe some online achievements (multiplayer adversarial)
Rainbow Six Vegas terrorist hunt

Getting some more LEDS..

Anywho..not much else going on.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

an update

Volcano is still active...however it's been downgraded status-wise.

"Beat" Saint's Row 2..but techinically I haven't completed it to 100% because of all the activities/diversions..

Other games I have to finish..
Call of Duty 2,3,4 on Hard or EXT3RME!!!! difficulty..

Can't wait until Monday..going to go deposit check and pay credit cards..yay

Getting paid for a computer power supply tomorrow..Fixed a computer for an old friend and in the process sold him my LCD monitor. It's fun when you go from a CRT monitor (big,heavy and a good source of heat) to a LCD monitor (screen size is same,monitor footprint is smaller,produces lesser heat and it looks better)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lermontov's idea of a "tanker"


eathquakes,volcanoes oh my....

An earthquake of magnitude 4.6 earthquake shook Southcentral Alaska at midday today, originating about 15 miles southwest of Wasilla, according to initial reports from the Alaska Earthquake Information Center.

So not only is there a active volcano spewing out ash and steam..now there are earthquakes..

End of the world?

who knows

Sunday, April 5, 2009

BAD joke....like something you would go to hell for...

What's the worst name for a German dairy farm?

Da Cow..

Thursday, April 2, 2009

For you anime video game players..


Saturday, March 28, 2009

How about a picture of an eruption?

The white cloud behind the dark cloud in the foreground is mostly steam.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Mount Redoubt has erupted twice so far Thursday morning, sending ash most recently to at least 65,000 feet, according to the Alaska Volcano Observatory.

The "major explosive event" occurred at 9:24, the AVO said.

Ash fall is expected between noon and 2 p.m. for the western Kenai Peninsula, including Kenai, Soldotna, Homer and Cooper Landing. An ash fall advisory is in effect for those areas until 4 p.m., and the aviation color code has been raised to red.

Additionally, the National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning for the Drift River Valley, meaning flooding is imminent or occurring.

Battening down the hatches,shutting down critical electronics.

Reports when I can..

maybe even pictures. :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

dell mini 12 first impressions..

Downside: came with Vista home basic installed...memory hog before you even start an application..especially since it has 1GB onboard and is not upgradeable.

upside: light..very light.keyboard is big(ger) than netbook sized ULPCs.

going to add a decalgirl.com skin soon..

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ash fall?

nope...none yet.

skies are cloudy,winds are blowing north-northeast so my little section of Alaska is currently spared.

However the power did go out for about an hour..No one knows if it was related to the volcano.

I'm about 53 miles away from the volcano as the crow flies or ash falls..


not politically correct...but...Fuck you nigga..

South Africa has denied the Dalai Lama a visa to attend a peace conference linked to the 2010 Football World Cup, which the country is hosting.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has pulled out of the meeting in protest and branded the decision "disgraceful".

A government spokesman has denied suggestions that the ban was a result of Chinese pressure.

He said he did not want anything to distract from South Africa's hosting of the World Cup.

So FUCKING what?

Not everything the Dalai Lama does is about Tibet..

Alaskan volcano eruption finally...or it's been hot n cold..yes then no..

Thanks to Katy Perry for those lyrics that stick in your head just about forever..


According to Alaska Volcano Observatory and the local news..Mt.Redoubt finally erupted.
Ash and gas were shot out to 50,000feet..but the volcano sits at 10,000 feet high.

No ash here yet..that could change by the time the sun comes up.
Of course people being idiots..not knowing that weather webcams pointed at volcanoes generally don't give good pictures when it's PITCH BLACK outside at 3am Alaskan Standard Time.

Pictures when available.
funny..wikipedia says the volcano is actively erupting.

"It is in full eruption," said Matthew Haney, a research geophysicist with the Alaska Volcano Observatory.

"Mount Redoubt, which is some 170 kilometres from Anchorage, rises 3,108 metres above the Kenai Peninsula. About 50,000 people live on the peninsula within 80 kilometres of the mountain and it is one of the most densely populated areas of the state."

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The joy..

so I have a ear infection..AND a migraine.

Still taking the antibiotics,caffeine (especially Pepsi) and the occasional Tylenol seems to help as does sleep.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009


so I might be going to the doc tomorrow..

Severe ear pain,only resolved by either Tylenol or Dayquil with caffeine thrown in to dilate blood vessels..


Friday, March 13, 2009


Bluetooth module for my laptop (laptop needs a new motherboard..yay for family members giving me their borken stuff (I know I mis-spelled that word..it was intentional)

Tom Clancy's H-A-W-X for the 360. ..Really fun game.LOTS of aircraft.

Nyko Intercooler for my 360. EX model..didn't want to spend $15 more just have another electrical device to plug into the surge protector..besides I wonder how effective the Temperature Sensing unit is..

120GB 360 hard drive (yay for installing games to hard drive so you don't hear the screaming DVD drive)

Eventually I'm going to get the Lian-Li XB01 PC chassis (it's designed so that you take apart your 360 and re-assemble in a specially designed PC case (better cooling and all that jazz)

Underworld and Underworld Evolution for my PSP.. (UMD movie discs)

Another thing I would love to do..get a new PSP..I have the original model PSP and the wi-fi is broke..however everything else works just fine.

I've put a bit of thought into getting the PS3..but about the time I can afford that,I'll be looking into a new Dell laptop near the holidays..and I'd rather have the laptop. (see item #1 above)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rihanna plus Chris Brown equals?

The new Tina and Ike Turner?


Sunday, March 8, 2009


stupid government and their dreaded Daylight Savings Time

Which if memory serves,was invented so the farmers could work later or something stupid like that.

Really it just screws people out of much needed sleep.

"..goin' to bed..it's 3am.."

"no..actually it's 4am.."

fuckall DST..

Monday, March 2, 2009

My health update

so I've got something.
Since yesterday I've had this pain on my left ear and intermittent bouts of sound not being clear.

Probably going to the doc soon.

Tylenol helps it,as does dayquil.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Health update

not mine..

My sister's.

She suffers from Intra-cranial Hypertension..laymans terms: she has too much spinal fluid buildup that eventually presses on her optic nerve..if not treated she could go blind.Thankfully she's being treated for it.
However getting the right treatment in a small town hospital with douchebag doctors who care more about fishing than most other things..is a run around..a circle jerk.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


stupid tech support won all the Oscars..

(yes im incensed and Im not talking about perfume or smells)

sonofa...stupid junk foreign movies

So that stupid Slumdog Millionaire won Best Picture..

IMO it's not deserved...why?

Changling and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I saw TCCBB at the theater and just saw Changling last night..

both movies were EXCELLENT....
The way they were filmed,the acting,the characters..both movies deserved more awards.

If I wanted to watch a east indian movie..I'd get Bride and Prejudice again...

Slumdog Millionaire had it's venue..The Golden Globes and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

In my opinion the Oscars should go to American movies..
and until SM was nominated..it was mostly American movies.

This is the Academy Awards..filmed in L.A.
This isn't the U.N. international awards..

It probably sounds like I'm being a bit of a well something..but it's just how I feel.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

my kinda station wagon


470HP,5.4L supercharged V-8
0-60MPH in 4.9seconds
Optioned out,it's near $100k..but the look on the rednecks with their loud pickups in these parts...it would be worth it.I could picture myself in the driver seat,my mom in the passenger seat,my niece and nephew in the 3rd row rear facing seat,waving at the rednecks as I fly off the line when the stoplight turns green.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Makes sense doesn't it?

Everyone (well mostly everyone) has seen display models for clothing stores..

An idea.

Have the display models actually depict what the clothes would look like in say.. a restaurant setting..standing in line at the post office,in other words..real life situations.
It would give people a better idea of how a certain outfit would look and it would influence their buying decision.

Which reminds me..there was a 1980s movie about display models..Mannequin.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Been playing Far Cry 2 for the PC for awhile now.

Graphically it's amazing,and my computer meets the minimum requirements to play it..that's a powerful game.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

One of my Top 10 best movies

25th Hour

Directed by Spike Lee

Starring Edward Norton,Philip Hoffman,Rosario Dawson,Barry Pepper,Brian Cox

The 25th Hour depicts the last day of freedom for a young man before he begins serving a seven-year jail term for drug dealing. Prowling through the city until dawn with his two close male friends and his girlfriend, he is forced to re-examine his life and how he got himself into his predicament, which leads to a shocking, disturbing finale.

The finale is a tear-jerker..

The scene when Monty goes to the bathroom and looks at himself in the mirror is a good one too.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How the "bailout" should work..

First the government sends you a bat..steel or wood.

Then you recieve a photo of a banker who effed up..
Guilty or not..they're getting their kneecaps busted.
It will send a signal to the other bankers


Then the government should seize all funds from the upper echelon of the banks..down to their kid's savings accounts and trust funds (thats how bankers and senators get out of paying taxes on money..they put it in a "trust" fund)

Forgot socialized medicine..the government should focus on the health insurance companies..
Same rules apply as per the bankers that effed up..the healthcare CEOs,upper manangement..they all get their kneecaps busted.

Let a mob take care of him..I'm sure all the people that gave him money would love a few swings from a tire iron or a golf club.
Or..stick him in general population in a really nasty prison and tell the inmates that Madoff liked to diddle little kids while he stole their parent's money...

Your ideas and thoughts?

I mean why not? the government is giving away money like there is no tomorrow..do they know something we dont?

let's give a visual representation of the bailout..

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oops..someone forgot to mention something very important..

As much black as Obama is (and appears to be)..he's as much WHITE too.

Barack's mom

as white as the driven snow.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

An Army of One....

Didn't realize that I had not checked on my stats for the Mobsters app for Myspace..
well as it turns out I had $700K..so I bought some stuff,and put some in the bank.
I had some change floating in my paypal account so I bought some favor points from The Godfather..used the cash from the points to get a Lux hotel..
now my income is 20Gs every hour.

Not bad for a Mob Family of one.. ;)
I do like the interface of Mobsters on Facebook..I just need one more family member,then I can buy a bar and increase my income by 12Gs

Imma G YO!!


Friday, February 6, 2009

Like the Katy Perry song...Hot N Cold

"2009-02-06 20:44:05
Redoubt Volcano continues to be in a state of unrest.

Seismic activity remains elevated and consists of relatively continuous tremor that fluctuates gradually.

Nothing has been observed in clear web camera views today. The web camera is now dark for the night.

The volcano has not erupted and AVO continues to watch the volcano 24/7."

Nothing happening.

For anyone complaining about snow (up to and including The Lone Groover)

snow?..you want snow?

Taken in 2005

Those were taken on the backside of the house.
That is a yardstick.36 inches.The snow level is almost at the 35 inch mark.
What is the metric equivalent? some are wondering..well it's

Vista x64 Premium,DX10 and Flight Simulator X


just wow.

SLi is able to used as well..(using 2 video cards linked together to drive a single display..allows options like cranking everything up resolution wise)

looks great.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

after going nuts........

I've come to realize..DOUBLE CHECK YOUR SHIT before you decide "well it says upgrading the firmware gives you the ability to boost the wireless signal strength...sounds good..shouldn't take long"..

Here I was thinking I had a standard Linksys WRT54G version 6.0 wireless router...nooooo...
I have a "neutered" router..half the RAM than other models..

After "upgrading" and flashing firmware and generally going nuts and shit ...the internet is working back in my house.

im off to bed.



I just bricked or fuXXored the Linksys WRT54G Version 6.0 router.
Turns out I have the "neutered" model..only has like 2MB of RAM..instead of the usual 4MB.

I've flashed and re-flashed the damn thing..so now I get to take it apart and short out 2 pins..
just what I wanted to do.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"All right... Where did he learn a word like pseudonym?"

I just finished watching RockNRolla with my mom..we loved it.

My family has a warped sense of humor..

The other two Guy Ritchie movies..Snatch and Lock,Stock and Two Smoking Barrels are hysterical.

Gerard Butler (SPAARTA!..that guy) plays a guy named One Two.

anywho..check it out if you like dark british/U.K. comedy movies.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Movie reviews

Eagle Eye
Shia LeBouf,Michelle Monaghan.
Good movie.I liked it.Kept up the suspense.
Can't tell you the ending..but like a M.Knight Shymalan movie..you'll see it if your looking for it.

Righteous Kill
Pacino and De Niro
Watch it.The ending just blows your mind.Another good movie.

Axis of Evil comedy tour
Funny stuff.

Ghost Town
Ricky Gervais,Tea' Leoni,Greg Kinnear
Decent movie.Ricky seems to get the same parts in different movies/TV shows.

I haven't had a chance yet to watch RockNRolla..but I will soon.

upgrade complete...so far

Vista x64 SP1 Home Premium has been successfully installed...
Nothing wrong so far.
Appropriate drivers have been located and installed..My Vista score is 5.0..

I'm looking for my copy of Flight Simulator X to install. Can't wait to see how good FSX looks..

Sunday, February 1, 2009


so the volcano has not erupted yet..
Certain items are a bit hard to find "..those will come in next week" which usually generates the response "..probably the day after the volcano erupts" and there is usually smiling or grinning.

Supplies? I'm good.
My sister? She's good.
My dad? he'll probably come over here..or I'll rush over there and help him attempt to cover his 1970s Kenworth. (it's his baby)..throw a tarp over the Jeep,and beat feet back to the house.

A lot of Alaskans lived through the 1989-1990 eruption of Mt.Redoubt..for them it's just get a few supplies and resume life as usual..with the accelerated response of getting home in case of an eruption.

Covering up all these LCD monitors and computers is going to be a bit time consuming..

I'd kill for a Panasonic Toughbook...mil-spec laptop. water,dust and drop resistant (hard drive is shock mounted)

Couldn't find a new air filter for the van. (why a van? one might think after coming upon this blog)..quite simple really.
My brother is in a wheelchair..hence the van.

A couple of other things I should look into covering..the entertainment center,the wireless router,the DSL modem,fax machine.

Want to check out a good site about the Volcano?

In other news.
Got the AC Adapter for my toshiba laptop.Got my saitek x52 flight controllers (throttle and joystick)..now flying in Microsoft Flight Simulator X is a breeze.
Been playing COD4 for the PC,online. I've unlocked the 4xACOG scope for the M60 LMG..
On the 360 and PC version,I'm deadly with a ACOG'ed M60.belt-fed sniper rifle kind of.

Gotta look at paying some credit cards for Feburary.

Have a good one.

check out
Penny Arcade.com

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blow job..

So that's Mt.Redoubt.
It blew in 1990.
19 years later it's ready to go again.
Man it really puts out ;)

I blame Obama and his "change" policy.. ;)

Stocked up on some supplies.Have 5 gallon bottles of water.
Thankfully the house is heated by boiler..
However in the event of an eruption and subsequent ash fall..I'm turning off all the computers,and covering the LCD monitors.
I do have an "old" 20inch TV in my room that I'll bring up and I'll cover up and move the 32" LCD somewhere safe.

I am gonna miss using my 24" dell LCD if or when the volcano erupts.


The 25th Hour.
Directed by Spike Lee
Starring Edward Norton,Brian Cox,Rosario Dawson,Phillip Hoffman,Barry Pepper.

Fuck scene (not what you think)

Ending monologue (can bring you to tears)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

just some pictures...

Taken at the end of the driveway.I think I'll post these to my facebook account.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Change I definitely believe in..

The bottom pic is my new Dell 2408WFP. 24" wiiidescreen LCD.Inputs?..it's got inputs out the ass...
The top pic is my "old" Hanns-G 17" widescreen LCD.Going to hang on to that monitor.

With the purchase of the Dell 2408..I don't think I'll need another monitor....ever.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

Couple of things..

James Carville(political commentator) sounds like Terry Bradshaw (fmr QB for the Steelers and FOX Sports host)

I was listening to one of them the other night talking politics and it hit me..They sound like each other when they talk.

2nd thing.
Getting a serious upgrade within the next week..
Details? well I am getting a laptop.
I'll have plenty of pictures hopefully by next Friday.(1 week)

ye old 1980's music..

Hard to believe..*serious business*

But I'm currently listening to Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up music vid.It's a 45.5MB music video using the Matroska codec.

I swear that the bartender in that music vid is OBAMA..!!??!?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Change I can believe in...

Picture post to arrive when the item I ordered has been received.
It's worth the wait.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Worth a thousand words

'nuff said.

I shudder to think what the world would be like on September 12th,2001 if Al Gore or John Kerry had won their bid for Presidency.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ads at the bottom of my blog

Google AdSense
I put them there.
Maybe in 20 years I'll get a check from Google for the ad revenue..

Something to think about on this day

Every revolution evaporates and leaves behind only the slime of a new bureaucracy

Monday, January 19, 2009


so there was a box that arrived from my cousin..it was the Christmas presents.
I got two pairs official MARPAT digital camo pants (nothing more comfortable than cargos..) and two shirts.

On to the birthday celebration Sunday night
(no Lermontov..there wasn't any alcohol)
Pizza (4 slices is too much for someone my age).
I got a gently used pair of MARPAT digital camo pants from my nephew (he doesn't wear cargos..he's a shorts type of guy) and my lovely sister got me Dido's Safe Trip Home CD..I love it!
My dad got me some more GearWrenches (best wrenches/tools made)..I have a bunch of tools now..now only if I could remember where my Gerber Multi-Plier 700 Urban Legend multi-tool is..(the granddaddy of multi-tools..so heavy you could flog a moose with it)

I've sold the Pentium 4 computer..my uncle knows a woman who's been looking for a computer..
Granted it's only $300..I would have preferred $350 because of the Corsair XMS2..but oh well.
I get more fun out of building them.

I have to go out this morning for Contractor training..I can't remember which year it was,but ever since then I've always gotten 100% on the safety test.It's something like 5 or 6 years now.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

go AK its your birthday..go AK its your birthday..

So today at 5PM Alaskan Standard Time,My brother,my father and I are having our birthday party(long awaited) at my sister's house.
The cake is ready..I think I'll order pizza to be delivered.

Sent off the broken Panasonic Home Theater recieiver on Saturday.(nothing like getting damaged goods)
Turns out I also have to send back the 2GB RAM I got on eBay as well as the ac adapter for the Toshiba laptop.Fun

Still waiting for my copy of Vista Premium X64

Saturday, January 17, 2009

For Rhino

tasty it is..
Peanut Butter and Bananna on wheat bread.

While I was wearing my tshirt and hoodie outside today.....

Frigid weather startles South, blankets East

Subzero temps in multiple states; Alabama colder than Alaska for a day


*nelson laugh* HA HA

of course it's slicker than liquid diarrhea..but at least it's not as cold as the Lower 48.

Friday, January 16, 2009


So for once I'm not going to be talking computers.. ;)

Well Burn after Reading..really not worth watching at all..They call it a "dark comedy"..it aspires to be that.It has plenty of movies stars in it and that's about it.

Curious Case of Benjamin Button:
Great movie..I'd love to go see it again.

Disaster Movie:
funny..Of course it's a spoof movie and not to be taken literally..It kind of draws you in(well it did me anyways) because you don't know what's going to happen next.

Pineapple Express:
Funny..worth a watch.
Don Cheadle does a remarkable job in this movie.Suspense,action..and the ending.

Horton Hears a Who:
Funny movie.
Great animation

Bangkok Dangerous:
Good movie,not a great one.Nicholas Cage is a actor who plays the role well..I put him and Paul Giamatti in the same section I would other certain kinds of actors..They play their part well,without overacting.

An American Carol:
A really great spoof..Of course you'll read reviews and such on it..saying it's this and that..(generally from liberal,left wingers)
Well I for one am glad to see a movie skewering Michael Moore..and "Rosie O'Connell" priceless.

On to TV Shows..

Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles
I LOVE this series..and even more since they signed on none other than Shirley Manson.She's the lead singer for the band Garbage.

Two and a Half Men:
Still love this show..it's great just to enjoy a show without it being some "reality" show or some dance competition or singing competition or..

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Shocking cold wave across the Northern U.S."

"It hit 8 below in Massena, on the St. Lawrence River in northern New York.."

Please..that's a warm day compared to what Alaska just went through.

Temps here in my area have been as low as -43F and no wind either.

On average,starting your vehicle at least 30 minutes prior to you going anywhere was the norm..
even while having your vehicle plugged in overnight!!
About the only people that got it easy were the people who had heated garages..their vehicles stayed warm and cozy.
My sister was in the hospital during the cold spell here..and everytime I shut the van off,I plugged it in..when we were leaving,I went and started the van and we waited about 20-30 minutes for it to warm up.

Allegedly it's supposed to get back down to minus something withing a week or so..gravy is all I can say.
Last winter was definitely warmer.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dream builds...

so continuing with the theme of computing..I'm going to list my "dream" builds..

starting small..
Micro-ITX motherboard and case setup..something small enough to put under the seat of a vehicle.Cables are available that you wire into your vehicle's electrical system..
Hard drive?
500GB WD.
Main purpose? Home Theater,playback of music vids and music.
So what does a M-ITX board look like?

Next dream build?
something more bigger..
Q6600 Watercooled setup..Quad core computer build..probably a Quad SLi motherboard as well..2 nvidia GTX280s
Pimped out with WD Raptor and Velociraptor hard drives..Vista Ultimate X64 and XP X64(yes there is a version of XP that is 64-bit)
4GB DDR-1000,Corsair..
Just about EVERYTHING in the case that could be,would be liquid cooled. I'd use Swifttech products for water cooling.

And last..the Ultimate..
Intel i7 board.
3.2Ghz Nehalem processor..
PC Power & Cooling 1200Watt PSU
24GB DDR3-1600
2 nvidia GTX295s or 3 8800GTXs
4 WD Raptors..

For the Ulitmate..I'd hook it up to a 103inch Panasonic plasma..or the 150inch plasma..

anywho..I'd just love to sit at home and have a few pallets of computer parts dropped off..and just spend maybe a week or two building computers..whatever comes to my imagination..then kicking each "gaming system" out the door for about $1500..home theater for $750,home office $500,Server for $2000,mini pc for $500.

I'd need 12 large boxes of Artic Silver 5 and Artic Ceramique..
55 gallon drum of anti-freeze mixed with distilled water for the water cooled systems,
and half pallet of thumb screws (for the custom touch).. ;)
and a pallet or 3 of Pepsi brand beverages..including,but not limited to: Pepsi,Mountain Dew (and their variations)
Maybe a black & decker cordless drill and a B&D cordless screwdriver,i might get tired by the end of the day..

I'd be happy though..

of cables and such

so I got the new Pioneer DVD burner..this time in SATA interface..less clutter in my case.

I had to order Vista Ultimate X64 edition for $16 because the version I got from Dell is X32..I ain't installing X32 just to write over it later..
I'm currently going through the SATA hard drive that I'm going to be installing it to. I already downloaded the VISTA X64 drivers for my motherboard and graphics card.When VUX64 arrives,I should already have the 9800GTs I'm waiting for..they're coming USPS Priority.
A few people have said "Why'd you get VISTA?" basically..sometimes in not so pretty words..

Well I have Microsoft Flight Simulator X..and I plan on getting some of the newer PC games that have come out,plus I'll have the 9800GTs,4GB of Corsair XMS2 DDR2-800 so I'll be set.
Plus I want to see the "new operating system" and try out the Aero interface (yes I know I could use it while I'm using Microsoft.com..but I want the whole experience.

Why wait for Vista Ultimate X64? The Socket AM2 processor is a 64-bit processor and I'd like to take advantage of having more than 2.75GB of RAM available,and a operating system that was designed for a dual core processor.

Why I had originally posted this..
The SATA cables that have come with stuff I have..they are about 2-3 feet long..
granted some people have server size cases,but I don't want to add in a SATA component and have to wrap the cable 3x around the motherboard and then in the SATA port on the motherboard.
A choice would be nice.I could use 8inch or 10inch SATA cables in my case because of the layout of the case (Standard ATX Thermaltake SopranoRS) and the motherboard (MSI K9N SLi Platinum) and the fact that the hard drive brackets are about 2 inches away from where the SATA ports are on the 'board.

by the end of the week,I'll be a owner of Toshiba Satellite A105 laptop.Core2Duo,2GB DDR2-667,DVD-R/RW,etc.
I wondering about the upgrade options..since the RAM is maxed out..I'll look at 2.5" hard drives..WD(Western Digital) brand of course.

I've been pondering what I should do with the 3.0Ghz P4..I'll have a decent 8600GT to put it in it..if I only had a MicroATX case to put the 'board in..I'd let my brother-in-law use it to play games on.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Captivating..funny.at times almost makes you feel sad for Benjamin,but it's life and it runs its course.

I HIGHLY suggest this movie..it's just..magnificent.

Too bad I'm not getting paid to plug movies.

Friday, January 9, 2009


so my dad's,my brother's and mine birthday party sounds like it's this Sunday.
My sister is getting a haircut on Saturday and I might go see a movie on Saturday as well..I'm thinking Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Why upgrades?
My mom let me get something on her Dell credit for my birthday(I'm working on paying my Dell account off) so I chose Windows Vista Home Premium and 2x1GB of DDR2-800.
Probably about the time I recieve the order is when the rest of my stuff from eBay rolls into the local Post Office.Shipping to Alaska is ALWAYS cheaper by Post Office than the other shipping companies.
Besides..Priority Mail with Track'n'Confirm..can't be beat.

All in all..I'll have a dual OS computer..For those techies interested..
AMD Athlon64X2 5200+ 2.6Ghz Dual Core Socket AM2 processor
Thermaltake Silentboot RX8 CPU cooler with Artic Ceramique compound.
2GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2-800 (soon to be 4GB)
80GB WD IDE hard drive (windows XP home edition SP3)
150GB Seagate SATA
500GB WD Caviar SATA
2x BFG Tech 8600GTs with 256MB DDR3 (running in SLi mode for games performance)
Pioneer DVD burner IDE (soon to be upgraded to a new model with SATA interface)
600Watt OCZ power supply (80% efficient)

All of that is tucked in a Thermaltake SopranoRS ATX case
I have 2 Arctic Cooling 12CM(120mm) fans exhausting air and one Thermaltake 12cm(120mm) fan mounted in the front,blowing air in.

Items I'm waiting on:
2x EVGA 9800GT with 512MB DDR (serious upgrade for video and games)
Pioneer DVD burner with SATA interface
Vista Home Premium with SP1
2x1GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2-800.


LMAO..I have a thing for specifications..infact I could almost tell you exactly is what in my nephew's Core2Duo computer I built him last year for his birthday and the same for my niece's AMD dual core that I built her for her birthday. They should be good for..4-5 years or so. Bear in mind the nephew is 16 and the niece is 8. She knows more about computers than he does.

Soon I'll be the proud owner of a Toshiba Satellite A105 Intel C2Duo laptop.I just upgraded the RAM to 2GB..granted it's only DDR2-667..but it's better than my mom's old Dell which I think was 533Mhz..and her laptop was only upgradeable to 1GB because one of the SoDIMM slots was damaged. Her friend sent her a E-Machines N-10 1.6Ghz AMD Sempron just a couple of months ago.It's a decent machine.

oh and when my sister ordered her new Dell laptop..She was so excited,I was the first person she called..and she told me she ordered the Top of the line dell..to which I inquired "you got the XPS M1730?" Nope..she ordered the next one down..the XPS M1530..which is a great model. It has a separate video card,3GB RAM,and what's really cool..instead of using CCFL for the backlighting on the LCD display..it uses LEDs..which are more energy efficient and can be brighter,depending on how they are setup.

Anywho..enough tech/computer talk from me..

Check out An American Carol. Certain groups of people call it a "conservative spoof of Hollywood"..which I don't agree with..I would call it just a spoof,but it happens to lean right more than left..republican more than democrat. Anywho I liked it.

If you haven't seen The Dark Knight yet..WHY NOT? it's a GOOD movie. Of course a lot of the talk surrounding it is about the dead australian guy..but so what?..It draws a bit away from Aaron Eckhart's character..Harvey Dent.
One thing that slightly bugs me..Rachel Dawes(played by Katie Holmes in Batman Begins) is now played by Maggie Glyenhaal(or however you spell her last name)..I don't get it. *shrugs*

I made a lolz

Thursday, January 8, 2009


they are commonly referred to as Broadcast Relay Station..
so the major majority of Alaska doesn't need a digital TV convertor box.
The TV has a ATSC tuner and I had recently got a new antenna from The Home Depot and put it up..it's compatible with DTV signals..so when the change does happen,I won't have to worry about a thing.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

if I had the money..(isn't it always the case?)

so on Craigslist there is a individual selling his Q6600..

"What's a Q6600?" you might ponder..

well it's a 4-core processor..Intel flavor,belonging to the Q family. It's equal to a 9.6Ghz single core processor..or in other words a 2.4Ghz Quad-Core LGA775.

If I had the money..I'd definitely go up to Anchorage and buy it..it's a steal at $100..because the street value is closer to $200.The Q6600 is a solid processor..well built and it handles overclocking better than other processors.

He's also selling his Asus motherboard and his ATI video card..granted I could pass on the ASUS board,but I'd like to see what the fuss is about the "new" Radeons (last Radeon card I had was a 9800 about 3-4 years ago)
You know they are even shipping video cards with HDMI connections(connect to your flat panel HDTV)..I found that interesting.

Off to visit
http://icanhazcheezburger.com and other similar sites..

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Coming up on my 27th rotation around the sun

so it’s my 27th year..
strangely I don’t feel 27.

Most of the people my age are married and have 1-3 kids..
I thank God that I don’t have either.
granted I don’t mind the niece and nephew..

I still feel like a kid at heart..case in point.My “big” Christmas present from my dad..
a Nerf Vulcan battery powered dart gun.
Its about as close as you can get to a belt fed machinegun without you know..bullets,Class III papers,tons of money..etc.

I’d like to mod my Nerf CS-6 Longshot by adding in a spring and removing the air restrictors and giving it a custom paint job.

however my first “love” (if you will)
is building computers..
Nothing more fun than taking a couple of boxes of stuff and creating something cool..say like a 3.0Ghz Pentium 4 with PCI-e graphics and all that stuff.

which reminds me..
I ordered a SATA Pioneer DVD burner,single plug IDE cable,2xEVGA 9800GTs and a Saitek X52 controller/throttle combo for my Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

I’m thinking I might give my old Saitek joystick to my dad and give him my copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator: Century of Flight.
Aaaand put the 3.0Ghz pentium 4 micro-atx motherboard in his old AMD 586 computer..I just need 2GB of DDR2-800 for it.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

great music vid

great singer..