Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oops..someone forgot to mention something very important..

As much black as Obama is (and appears to be)..he's as much WHITE too.

Barack's mom

as white as the driven snow.


  1. I've been SAYING that! He's BI-RACIAL, not black.

  2. Under older, more racist laws, he would still be black. I guess there has been some progression, eh?

  3. technically, if one were to look on his birth certificate, it would list him as white. the child is the mothers race, and the fathers religion. technically. the religion thing doesn't really count or matter any more though. Nor does the race thing, either. My mother used to be a nurse in labor and delivery, and likes to point these things out.

  4. Technically. They've been saying, from day one, that his mother is white.

    He himself makes jokes about being a mutt.

    It's still the first not white president.


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