Thursday, February 19, 2009

Makes sense doesn't it?

Everyone (well mostly everyone) has seen display models for clothing stores..

An idea.

Have the display models actually depict what the clothes would look like in say.. a restaurant setting..standing in line at the post office,in other words..real life situations.
It would give people a better idea of how a certain outfit would look and it would influence their buying decision.

Which reminds me..there was a 1980s movie about display models..Mannequin.


  1. You could do catwalk shows that are models standing in line waiting for a license renewal, where one person picks their nose and wipes it on the person in front of them, to show how resilient the fabric is.
    you could be on to something

  2. LOL @ uamada!I'm going to be thinking about that the next time I go to the DMV.
    You do have a point about the mannequins though!

  3. So, buy some plastic people and set up a new business, AK :-)


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