Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Shocking cold wave across the Northern U.S."

"It hit 8 below in Massena, on the St. Lawrence River in northern New York.."

Please..that's a warm day compared to what Alaska just went through.

Temps here in my area have been as low as -43F and no wind either.

On average,starting your vehicle at least 30 minutes prior to you going anywhere was the norm..
even while having your vehicle plugged in overnight!!
About the only people that got it easy were the people who had heated garages..their vehicles stayed warm and cozy.
My sister was in the hospital during the cold spell here..and everytime I shut the van off,I plugged it in..when we were leaving,I went and started the van and we waited about 20-30 minutes for it to warm up.

Allegedly it's supposed to get back down to minus something withing a week or so..gravy is all I can say.
Last winter was definitely warmer.


  1. it is 1/4 to one in the morning here in oz and it is 25c (77f) the max today was 30c (86f)
    I cannot imagine ever being that cold

  2. Ack. I don't know how you do it. 14 below this morning made me want to crawl back in bed.


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