Friday, January 9, 2009


so my dad's,my brother's and mine birthday party sounds like it's this Sunday.
My sister is getting a haircut on Saturday and I might go see a movie on Saturday as well..I'm thinking Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Why upgrades?
My mom let me get something on her Dell credit for my birthday(I'm working on paying my Dell account off) so I chose Windows Vista Home Premium and 2x1GB of DDR2-800.
Probably about the time I recieve the order is when the rest of my stuff from eBay rolls into the local Post Office.Shipping to Alaska is ALWAYS cheaper by Post Office than the other shipping companies.
Besides..Priority Mail with Track'n'Confirm..can't be beat.

All in all..I'll have a dual OS computer..For those techies interested..
AMD Athlon64X2 5200+ 2.6Ghz Dual Core Socket AM2 processor
Thermaltake Silentboot RX8 CPU cooler with Artic Ceramique compound.
2GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2-800 (soon to be 4GB)
80GB WD IDE hard drive (windows XP home edition SP3)
150GB Seagate SATA
500GB WD Caviar SATA
2x BFG Tech 8600GTs with 256MB DDR3 (running in SLi mode for games performance)
Pioneer DVD burner IDE (soon to be upgraded to a new model with SATA interface)
600Watt OCZ power supply (80% efficient)

All of that is tucked in a Thermaltake SopranoRS ATX case
I have 2 Arctic Cooling 12CM(120mm) fans exhausting air and one Thermaltake 12cm(120mm) fan mounted in the front,blowing air in.

Items I'm waiting on:
2x EVGA 9800GT with 512MB DDR (serious upgrade for video and games)
Pioneer DVD burner with SATA interface
Vista Home Premium with SP1
2x1GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2-800.


LMAO..I have a thing for specifications..infact I could almost tell you exactly is what in my nephew's Core2Duo computer I built him last year for his birthday and the same for my niece's AMD dual core that I built her for her birthday. They should be good for..4-5 years or so. Bear in mind the nephew is 16 and the niece is 8. She knows more about computers than he does.

Soon I'll be the proud owner of a Toshiba Satellite A105 Intel C2Duo laptop.I just upgraded the RAM to 2GB..granted it's only DDR2-667..but it's better than my mom's old Dell which I think was 533Mhz..and her laptop was only upgradeable to 1GB because one of the SoDIMM slots was damaged. Her friend sent her a E-Machines N-10 1.6Ghz AMD Sempron just a couple of months ago.It's a decent machine.

oh and when my sister ordered her new Dell laptop..She was so excited,I was the first person she called..and she told me she ordered the Top of the line which I inquired "you got the XPS M1730?" Nope..she ordered the next one down..the XPS M1530..which is a great model. It has a separate video card,3GB RAM,and what's really cool..instead of using CCFL for the backlighting on the LCD uses LEDs..which are more energy efficient and can be brighter,depending on how they are setup.

Anywho..enough tech/computer talk from me..

Check out An American Carol. Certain groups of people call it a "conservative spoof of Hollywood"..which I don't agree with..I would call it just a spoof,but it happens to lean right more than more than democrat. Anywho I liked it.

If you haven't seen The Dark Knight yet..WHY NOT? it's a GOOD movie. Of course a lot of the talk surrounding it is about the dead australian guy..but so what?..It draws a bit away from Aaron Eckhart's character..Harvey Dent.
One thing that slightly bugs me..Rachel Dawes(played by Katie Holmes in Batman Begins) is now played by Maggie Glyenhaal(or however you spell her last name)..I don't get it. *shrugs*


  1. I'm going to ignore drooling over your computer talk, because I have no spare money what so ever to build a new desktop, even with my gorgeous laptop, it's not the same. And move onto movie talk: Curious Case of Benjamin Button. See it. I think it's an awesome movie.

  2. Katie Holmes was replaced because "Tom and Katie" was all over that airwaves, and Tommy was doing his jumping on Oprah's couch when Batman Begins was released, and the studio was not pleased. They announced that in the next movie, Rachel would be played by an actress with more range :-)


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