Saturday, February 21, 2009

my kinda station wagon

470HP,5.4L supercharged V-8
0-60MPH in 4.9seconds
Optioned out,it's near $100k..but the look on the rednecks with their loud pickups in these would be worth it.I could picture myself in the driver seat,my mom in the passenger seat,my niece and nephew in the 3rd row rear facing seat,waving at the rednecks as I fly off the line when the stoplight turns green.


  1. That is a pretty slick looking car - particularly for a staion wagon

  2. It's no Country Squire, but it's not bad :-)

  3. the Audi RS6 is prettier and slightly faster but the joy of that Merc is that it looks so very normal and that's the secret to caning the rednecks off the lights


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