Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dream builds...

so continuing with the theme of computing..I'm going to list my "dream" builds..

starting small..
Micro-ITX motherboard and case setup..something small enough to put under the seat of a vehicle.Cables are available that you wire into your vehicle's electrical system..
Hard drive?
500GB WD.
Main purpose? Home Theater,playback of music vids and music.
So what does a M-ITX board look like?

Next dream build?
something more bigger..
Q6600 Watercooled setup..Quad core computer build..probably a Quad SLi motherboard as well..2 nvidia GTX280s
Pimped out with WD Raptor and Velociraptor hard drives..Vista Ultimate X64 and XP X64(yes there is a version of XP that is 64-bit)
4GB DDR-1000,Corsair..
Just about EVERYTHING in the case that could be,would be liquid cooled. I'd use Swifttech products for water cooling.

And last..the Ultimate..
Intel i7 board.
3.2Ghz Nehalem processor..
PC Power & Cooling 1200Watt PSU
24GB DDR3-1600
2 nvidia GTX295s or 3 8800GTXs
4 WD Raptors..

For the Ulitmate..I'd hook it up to a 103inch Panasonic plasma..or the 150inch plasma..

anywho..I'd just love to sit at home and have a few pallets of computer parts dropped off..and just spend maybe a week or two building computers..whatever comes to my imagination..then kicking each "gaming system" out the door for about $1500..home theater for $750,home office $500,Server for $2000,mini pc for $500.

I'd need 12 large boxes of Artic Silver 5 and Artic Ceramique..
55 gallon drum of anti-freeze mixed with distilled water for the water cooled systems,
and half pallet of thumb screws (for the custom touch).. ;)
and a pallet or 3 of Pepsi brand beverages..including,but not limited to: Pepsi,Mountain Dew (and their variations)
Maybe a black & decker cordless drill and a B&D cordless screwdriver,i might get tired by the end of the day..

I'd be happy though..

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