Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How the "bailout" should work..

First the government sends you a bat..steel or wood.

Then you recieve a photo of a banker who effed up..
Guilty or not..they're getting their kneecaps busted.
It will send a signal to the other bankers


Then the government should seize all funds from the upper echelon of the banks..down to their kid's savings accounts and trust funds (thats how bankers and senators get out of paying taxes on money..they put it in a "trust" fund)

Forgot socialized medicine..the government should focus on the health insurance companies..
Same rules apply as per the bankers that effed up..the healthcare CEOs,upper manangement..they all get their kneecaps busted.

Let a mob take care of him..I'm sure all the people that gave him money would love a few swings from a tire iron or a golf club.
Or..stick him in general population in a really nasty prison and tell the inmates that Madoff liked to diddle little kids while he stole their parent's money...

Your ideas and thoughts?

I mean why not? the government is giving away money like there is no tomorrow..do they know something we dont?

let's give a visual representation of the bailout..


  1. AK, there IS no tomorrow.

    I have a bag FULL of baseball bats. I'm so ready!

  2. haha, by the way, LOVE the demotivational poster.

  3. Funny post AK - I'm surprised that you haven't made a foray into politics!

  4. I've got a mini bat with a steel rod in it, I would be ready if this ever went down.


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