Sunday, March 8, 2009


stupid government and their dreaded Daylight Savings Time

Which if memory serves,was invented so the farmers could work later or something stupid like that.

Really it just screws people out of much needed sleep.

"..goin' to's 3am.."

"no..actually it's 4am.."

fuckall DST..


  1. I had that issue last night. It was 159am... then it was 3. and I had to be up at 8...

  2. no, it wasn't the farmers... their animal feeding times get screwed so they normally don't like it either. It was to supposedly SAVE electricity.... lights would get turned on later in the day, saving one hour of electricity. The fact that lights have to stay on an hour longer in the morning..... duh

  3. It doesn't really matter anymore..
    With the advent of CFLs and more energy efficient tech..shouldn't we just abandon the whole DST thing?

  4. And good morning to you, Mary Sunshine.... hehehehe

  5. Maybe we can split the difference with a half hour change :-)


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