Saturday, February 7, 2009

An Army of One....

Didn't realize that I had not checked on my stats for the Mobsters app for Myspace..
well as it turns out I had $ I bought some stuff,and put some in the bank.
I had some change floating in my paypal account so I bought some favor points from The Godfather..used the cash from the points to get a Lux hotel..
now my income is 20Gs every hour.

Not bad for a Mob Family of one.. ;)
I do like the interface of Mobsters on Facebook..I just need one more family member,then I can buy a bar and increase my income by 12Gs

Imma G YO!!



  1. I play Mob wars. I make 60 Million per hour, but spend most of it putting hits on people, lol

  2. Brian is addicted ti Mob wars on Facebook, find him on ther, he will join your mob.

  3. actually part of HIS mob. ;)

  4. No, thats not bad for an army of one. (on myspace) I didn't get to that point until I had like 22 people. I'm just getting started on Gang Wars.


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