Sunday, February 1, 2009


so the volcano has not erupted yet..
Certain items are a bit hard to find "..those will come in next week" which usually generates the response "..probably the day after the volcano erupts" and there is usually smiling or grinning.

Supplies? I'm good.
My sister? She's good.
My dad? he'll probably come over here..or I'll rush over there and help him attempt to cover his 1970s Kenworth. (it's his baby)..throw a tarp over the Jeep,and beat feet back to the house.

A lot of Alaskans lived through the 1989-1990 eruption of Mt.Redoubt..for them it's just get a few supplies and resume life as usual..with the accelerated response of getting home in case of an eruption.

Covering up all these LCD monitors and computers is going to be a bit time consuming..

I'd kill for a Panasonic laptop. water,dust and drop resistant (hard drive is shock mounted)

Couldn't find a new air filter for the van. (why a van? one might think after coming upon this blog)..quite simple really.
My brother is in a wheelchair..hence the van.

A couple of other things I should look into covering..the entertainment center,the wireless router,the DSL modem,fax machine.

Want to check out a good site about the Volcano?

In other news.
Got the AC Adapter for my toshiba laptop.Got my saitek x52 flight controllers (throttle and joystick) flying in Microsoft Flight Simulator X is a breeze.
Been playing COD4 for the PC,online. I've unlocked the 4xACOG scope for the M60 LMG..
On the 360 and PC version,I'm deadly with a ACOG'ed M60.belt-fed sniper rifle kind of.

Gotta look at paying some credit cards for Feburary.

Have a good one.

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  1. Thanks for the update & good luck re the volcano!

  2. stay the fuck away from it AW, and I thinks ya might be a pussy on line. ACOG won't say ya my good man. I would shred y with me MG3 and OPEN SIGHTS.

    Stay safe

  3. this is COD4..not COD5 or COD3
    we're talking MODERN WARFARE.;)

    any person can use the MG3 bullet hose,it takes a surgeon to use the ACOG'd M60 as a "sniper rifle" :P

  4. Ah, so the main concern is the ash then? Yeah, I can see that causing a lot of damage to electronics and autos. That stuff is so fine it can get into anything. Still, I hope everyone will be alright, if this thing does decide to blow.

  5. , AK, you should by heaters. Then you can melt the snow, that gives ya water and spray that in the air so the ash becomes heavy and mud.

    oops, that won't work either will it.

    Stay safe.

    ACOG PUSSY. red dot the go, bloody snipers are girls blouses and hide all day.

  6. not this sniper..
    My favorite map is Overgrown on COD4 and with the right spot..I can view most of the area,provide cover fire for team mates(if im playing TDM) and so on and so forth.

    I was pwning all night last night on Overgrown. I get on top of the roof and even the Park Ranger validated my camping permit ;)
    15 kill streak using a ACOG'd M60.


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