Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Coming up on my 27th rotation around the sun

so it’s my 27th year..
strangely I don’t feel 27.

Most of the people my age are married and have 1-3 kids..
I thank God that I don’t have either.
granted I don’t mind the niece and nephew..

I still feel like a kid at heart..case in point.My “big” Christmas present from my dad..
a Nerf Vulcan battery powered dart gun.
Its about as close as you can get to a belt fed machinegun without you know..bullets,Class III papers,tons of money..etc.

I’d like to mod my Nerf CS-6 Longshot by adding in a spring and removing the air restrictors and giving it a custom paint job.

however my first “love” (if you will)
is building computers..
Nothing more fun than taking a couple of boxes of stuff and creating something cool..say like a 3.0Ghz Pentium 4 with PCI-e graphics and all that stuff.

which reminds me..
I ordered a SATA Pioneer DVD burner,single plug IDE cable,2xEVGA 9800GTs and a Saitek X52 controller/throttle combo for my Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

I’m thinking I might give my old Saitek joystick to my dad and give him my copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator: Century of Flight.
Aaaand put the 3.0Ghz pentium 4 micro-atx motherboard in his old AMD 586 computer..I just need 2GB of DDR2-800 for it.


  1. I'm actually going to be building a new desktop soon. The last two I've built have been for other people and mine is now running at... oh, 4 years old? It's been upgraded a few times between then and now, but I want to start from scratch again. Makes me all warm inside with the new shiny-ness.

    Before that I'm going to throw together a new external (why do people buy those when they are SO much cheaper to build?) and catch all the important shit off the desktop.

    Hell, you're twenty-seven.
    I'm not even that old yet, have a birthday coming in april and actually felt like I was getting old when I realized how soon it all was.

  2. Even at 27 you still look and sound a lot younger, plus you have the spirit of a young person as well. It probably doesn't mean much now, but in your later years your friends and family are going to be jealous.

  3. I agree with Brian, you're young at heart. And you don't even look 27! Happy birthday!!

  4. Happy Birthday! My Bff bout her son one of those Nerf guns. Quinn was so jealous. I will leave the building computers part to my husband.


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