Thursday, February 26, 2009

Health update

not mine..

My sister's.

She suffers from Intra-cranial Hypertension..laymans terms: she has too much spinal fluid buildup that eventually presses on her optic nerve..if not treated she could go blind.Thankfully she's being treated for it.
However getting the right treatment in a small town hospital with douchebag doctors who care more about fishing than most other a run around..a circle jerk.


  1. Oh man!
    I really hope she gets the treatment she needs and they fix this problem soon. Good vibes sent her way.

  2. Send her our love. I hope she gets the tratment she needs soon.

  3. PLease let her know I am thinking of her. Hope she feels better soon.

  4. OMG pleeeease tell her we miss her! I hope she is better real soon! Did she get the job she was hoping for? I hope this health issue didn't spoil that.

  5. Tell Jenn I said hello, and that I hope she is able to get all the care she needs. She needs a nice long break from the kinds of stuff she's had to fight through.

  6. Have they thought about moving her to a better hospital for treatment?

    Regardless, I hope she gets better.


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