Friday, February 6, 2009

For anyone complaining about snow (up to and including The Lone Groover)

snow? want snow?

Taken in 2005

Those were taken on the backside of the house.
That is a yardstick.36 inches.The snow level is almost at the 35 inch mark.
What is the metric equivalent? some are wondering..well it's


  1. That is full on.
    it's too hot here. 31 degrees inside (bout 88f)
    elsewhere in OZ its 44 degrees (113)
    I'll swap with you - but only for about 3 seconds before i started crying like a baby.

  2. 35 inches = 89 cm that's aLOT of snow! we still don't have any in my world, though some parts of Europe, like Loner country are having record amounts.... crazy.

    How's the volcano doing?

  3. Ah - a post I can understand! Awesome photos. 36 inches is roughly 90cm or 0.9 metres (1 inch is roughly 2.54 cm). What temp? You'll have to grab a few more snaps - we never see shit like that over here!

  4. And had to laugh re your comment @ Moko's blog.

  5. Now that looks like it used to in Alberta! I kind of miss that.

  6. I'd have said that the metric equivalent was 'f*cking deep', actually lol!

    We only need a light dusting here in the UK to bring out transport system to a grinding halt.

  7. Im so glad I live in Florida hehehehehe

  8. That's an awesome snowmobile.

  9. Now that's some snow! And I thought we had alot. That thing behind you is cool, I wish I had your snow mobile a few times this winter. :)


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