Friday, May 29, 2009

Words that stop your world.

While at the vet's office with my Black Labrador Retriever:

1-3 months

I knew it was coming..the way he's been acting lately..but still it doesn't help it any.
Arthur has been with me about half my life (he'll be 13 in August..though I doubt he'll live to see his birthday)

Couldn't ask for a kinder,gentler dog in the world.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New book idea in my head..

based on the Terminator universe...which means I should probably go check out the new one at the theater.

Friday im planning on going and seeing UP..that looks hila...SQUIRREL!!


So with regards to the new book idea..
It's not quite "Judgement Day" but it's roughly right around the corner.
Airforce SF team aka AFSOC..deployed in Alaska for T&E of the new Anti-Material Rifle-Prototype XCR-149 along with a small group of gun company designers,techs and assorted personnel

Development of a new weapon for safe(r) removal/disposal of the ever omnipresent IEDs in Iraq.
Weapon fires prototype hybrid ammo. Semi-caseless design.
Most common round is 10MM caseless DU round..secondary selection is a 10mm caseless AP with prototype penetrator.
Weapon is capable of heavier rounds and was designed to support up to 20mm AP. Muzzle brake is required for any rounds greater than 12.7x99mm (.50Cal)
Weapon function is straight pull bolt style.

What it looks like in my head is just about perfect representation of the NERF CS-6 Longshot.
Collapsible stock,removable optic,carry handle, mag storage in the shoulder stock,straight pull bolt action(semi auto being too complicated and comprimises weapon reliability due to caseless rounds and different calibers being abled to be utilized)

Calibers available
20mm AT

Projectiles are loaded with the hybrid caseless mag. When bolt is pushed forward,caseless segemented rounds are pushed forward into the breach.
Mags come preloaded from the factory,different bullet weights/grains are available and are chosen during the mission briefing.
Recoil is mild up to 12.7mm rounds.Muzzle end is setup for either a protective ring,muzzle break or sound suppressor (sound suppression is only available up to .50Cal)
Muzzle extenstion is available,increasing range up to 1.5 miles,enviromental factors notwithstanding.

HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!

just downloaded and watched the teaser trailer for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and it looks

Sunday, May 24, 2009

man..this rebellion leaves them "dead" tired

so the leader of the Tamil Tigers has died..

Indefinite detention constitues torture?

So there are Humans Rights Groups that say "indefinite detention constitutes torture"
Let's free all the death row inmates then..if they are to be believed in the above statement.

By all means then..let's find Charles Manson a job at Wal*Mart...

Here's a list of those imprisoned at San Quentin..

So why don't we just open the doors on SQ..and find them jobs..maybe some could work at a daycare facility..or 7-11..wait sorry..all the jobs at 7-11 were taken by the pakistanis..

previous post

was written by me,but given to me by my dad. He wants people to know about Gitmo and it's prisoners.

Regarding Gitmo and it's inmates

People seem to forget that Guantánamo Bay is a Prisoner of War camp. The war was started by the muslim people, so Gitmo is kept open because they refuse to surrender. Everybody knows that
detainees in POW camps are released at the end of the war or conflict. So the muslim people are responsible for keeping Gitmo open.

Posted by Avery Hawbold of Alaska,which is the 49th State of the United States of America.

Monday, May 18, 2009


so it gets "dark" about...10PM or so and it's getting light about 5AM the next day.

eventually around the 20th of June it'll never get too dark.

fun times.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I have it..

Americans have really easy access to the whole Zombie/Zed isn't a problem because there's always someone with a gun around.

Whereas in Auz you have to have permits and you are only allowed certain kinds of firearms correct? in other words owning an "assault" rifle is verboten right?

In America..not so much.

/nelson laugh

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

oooh shiny...

so my mom made out like a bandit last Sunday at my sister's house for Mother's Day.

My dad bought her a new sewing machine (granted it's a miniature Singer that's battery other words a "toy" sewing machine..technically it's "new" though..that fact can't be argued ;)

My sister got my mom some M-A-C makeup brushes..MAC brushes are high quality mom says they are the Oakleys of the makeup world. I still don't get it. How can makeup protect your eyes from UVA/B/C radiation? ;)

Finally my brother and I chipped in together and got her a 8GB iPod Touch.

My sister cooked a wonder roast for dinner and my mom made Strawberry shortcake using strawberries,angel food cake and some light whipped topping.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Star Trek at the movie theater.

Just so good that you have to go see it.
I'd like to see it again,but I got to save my money for Terminator:Salvation.

Characters were good..1 of them could have been done differently.

Some loopholes were closed that the original series,and the movies have.

Funny stuff too.

Sad that Majel Roddenberry could not have been the computer voice..

Coming from a lifelong's a must-see.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One of the best movies...

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Saw it in the theater..absolutely LOVE it.

Monday, May 4, 2009

tail end of the flu?

so my mom says since the phlegm I've been coughing up is mostly just about over being sick.