Tuesday, February 3, 2009

upgrade complete...so far

Vista x64 SP1 Home Premium has been successfully installed...
Nothing wrong so far.
Appropriate drivers have been located and installed..My Vista score is 5.0..

I'm looking for my copy of Flight Simulator X to install. Can't wait to see how good FSX looks..

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  1. Welcome...to the world of tomorrow!

    I wish I got the 64 bit Vista as well. I was so excited to get my computer up and running, I grabbed the 32 bit version of Home Premium. It's pretty damn sad on my part...after this huge upgrade, I have yet to play a game that tests me specs. I've only played The Sims 2 on the PC, and used the 360 for everything else. Maybe when I come across a game for PC that comes in the OMFG I MUST HAVE IT category, I'll know for sure. Though this whole DRM crap is scaring me a bit. I don't want EA Games or Ubisoft to know what my fetishes are.


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