Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New book idea in my head..

based on the Terminator universe...which means I should probably go check out the new one at the theater.

Friday im planning on going and seeing UP..that looks hila...SQUIRREL!!


So with regards to the new book idea..
It's not quite "Judgement Day" but it's roughly right around the corner.
Airforce SF team aka AFSOC..deployed in Alaska for T&E of the new Anti-Material Rifle-Prototype XCR-149 along with a small group of gun company designers,techs and assorted personnel

Development of a new weapon for safe(r) removal/disposal of the ever omnipresent IEDs in Iraq.
Weapon fires prototype hybrid ammo. Semi-caseless design.
Most common round is 10MM caseless DU round..secondary selection is a 10mm caseless AP with prototype penetrator.
Weapon is capable of heavier rounds and was designed to support up to 20mm AP. Muzzle brake is required for any rounds greater than 12.7x99mm (.50Cal)
Weapon function is straight pull bolt style.

What it looks like in my head is just about perfect representation of the NERF CS-6 Longshot.
Collapsible stock,removable optic,carry handle, mag storage in the shoulder stock,straight pull bolt action(semi auto being too complicated and comprimises weapon reliability due to caseless rounds and different calibers being abled to be utilized)

Calibers available
20mm AT

Projectiles are loaded with the hybrid caseless mag. When bolt is pushed forward,caseless segemented rounds are pushed forward into the breach.
Mags come preloaded from the factory,different bullet weights/grains are available and are chosen during the mission briefing.
Recoil is mild up to 12.7mm rounds.Muzzle end is setup for either a protective ring,muzzle break or sound suppressor (sound suppression is only available up to .50Cal)
Muzzle extenstion is available,increasing range up to 1.5 miles,enviromental factors notwithstanding.


Why So Serious?