Wednesday, January 7, 2009

if I had the money..(isn't it always the case?)

so on Craigslist there is a individual selling his Q6600..

"What's a Q6600?" you might ponder..

well it's a 4-core processor..Intel flavor,belonging to the Q family. It's equal to a 9.6Ghz single core processor..or in other words a 2.4Ghz Quad-Core LGA775.

If I had the money..I'd definitely go up to Anchorage and buy's a steal at $100..because the street value is closer to $200.The Q6600 is a solid processor..well built and it handles overclocking better than other processors.

He's also selling his Asus motherboard and his ATI video card..granted I could pass on the ASUS board,but I'd like to see what the fuss is about the "new" Radeons (last Radeon card I had was a 9800 about 3-4 years ago)
You know they are even shipping video cards with HDMI connections(connect to your flat panel HDTV)..I found that interesting.

Off to visit and other similar sites..


  1. AK, 4 X proc speed = proc speed. It is not equivalent to a 9.6 GHz proc, because most everything you do with a PC can only use 1 proc. However, you can multitask like a mofo with four cores :-) You could play a game, recode a video and burn a DVD all at once, providing that you have the RAM, of course.

    My next PC (a very low priority, I'm afraid) will likely be a Quad Core, but I'll wait until I can afford one with 4 individual cores on 1 die, not 2 Core2Duo dies on the same slab.

  2. I just gleamed the info from systemrequirements
    They'll test your computer and see if your hardware is up to snuff in regards to games.


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