Monday, April 12, 2010


still alive.
i dont "tweet" anymore..yet I can't find myself to get rid of Tweetdeck.

Own a small business now.

I am the owner of a Pekingese. She's very calm..and a redhead too.

How I came to be the owner of a Peke?..well it was my mom's fault. My nephew didnt have to go to school until noon(because the other grades were doing testing) and she saw a cute little dog at the local animal shelter. Some people should not be making Command Decisions until 1200 hours..and not matter what the excuse..and especially if he has only had 5 hours of sleep.(Thank you Modern Warfare 2) Been almost a week and she's doing ok.She wants oh so badly to be the best friend of my mom's 13yr old Pomeranian mix,but the Pom doesn't want to be a friend.

My house now has satellite TV..and 250 channels(with a bunch in HD) of "nothings on"

Getting my credit cards paid down and getting ready to save up for a vehicle.a good 95% chance that it's going to be a Ford.Brand loyalty.

not much else going on.

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  1. "Nothing's on"? We like to call it "There ain't shit on TV." ;) Hope you're doing well.


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